and imported to Our Authentic Mongolian Yurts are entirely hand made, in Mongolia and imported to the Groovy Yurts Headquarters in Alexandria Ontario.

Yurts can be used as a 4 season dwelling or short-term accommodation anywhere in the world !

Rent or own a Groovy Yurt, give us a call !


The Funky Fringe

Hand Woven Yoga Mats

These hand woven Yoga Mats are machine washable and feel great over a rubber mat, this keeps you from sliding !

Funky Groovy Yurt Tour

Truck fully loaded in Mongolia

Truck fully loaded in Mongolia

Come find us and our yurt on our Funky Groovy Yurt Tour !


The Funky Farm is Teaming up with for your pet care services ! Nature & Nurtutr all in one home !